Auto Accident & Spinal Damage:

I Feel Ok, Should I Get Checked?  What Is The Wisest Thing To Do?

The following are some commonly asked questions from auto accident victims:

Q-           What is Whiplash?

A-   Whiplash is the sudden movement of the neck… first back, then forward, usually caused by a rear end auto accident.  It can also occur in front end collisions. This causes spinal bones to get knocked out of place.  Even low impacts of 5 mph can knock your spinal bones out of place.

Q-        How can whiplash cause so many health problems?  I’ve even heard of people getting facial paralysis….

A-   Well, whiplash can injure the spinal cord and nerve roots by bones being knocked out of place.  This is a  very sensative area and a person can develop Migraine headaches, sleep disorders, memory problems and, yes,  even paralysis.  There are many, many possible side effects from whiplash.

Q-        Should a person visit a Medical Doctor for help after being involved in an auto accident?

A-    Sometimes.  If a person’s symptoms involve severe cuts, deep bruising or broken bones, then Yes they should visit their local medical doctor.  Then after they have been patched up and assisted with their acute trauma, they should visit a spine expert.   In most  auto accident cases, whiplash victims do not have these injuries.  There best choice is to go directly to a spinal expert trained in whiplash injuries.

Q-        Why a Spinal Expert?

A-    As mentioned previously, the whiplash causes spinal neck bones to be knocked out.  This directly effects the spinal cord and nerve roots.  These neck bones need to be restored to their original positions.  I usually tell my patients its like this….it takes a expert  hours to build a quality model airplane that can be seen in a museum…  and in just seconds it can be destroyed.  In seconds, whiplash from an auto accident destroys the neck. It takes a skilled expert time to restore and correct the problems.

Q-        What happens if a person’s neck is not restored properly?

A-    Great question…the person will develop health problems and never think it was do to whiplash.  Disease and health problems can occur years later.  According to the Spinal Research Institute of San Diego, nearly half of all chronic neck pain is due to uncorrected whiplash injuries.  Each year there are 3 million new auto accident cases of whiplash in the US, and millions more go unreported do to the society’s lack of knowledge.  The occupant feels fine, the insurance company pushes for a quick settlement and months later the person experiences insomnia, headaches, etc.  In most cases, their symptoms years later are never correlated with whiplash.

Q-        So, what should someone do if they are involved in a car accident?

A-    Their First move should be to get a proper evaluation of their spine..even if it was a low impact collision.  Never sign insurance papers before making sure you do not have spinal injuries.  And let me tell you, spinal injuries are very subtle and can pop up months later.

So, you have some very important decisions to make immediately. One of the most important decisions is to choose the right doctor.

Do you want to patch your problems by covering  up the symptoms with drugs? If you do, you will have problems years later, guaranteed. If you want to do it right, you need an experienced doctor who is specialized in  whiplash-related injuries. Many people never realize their auto accident injuries started their health problems which manifest  2, 5, or 10 years later. This is very important.

My job with every auto accident injury patient is to provide effective care to achieve maximum healing as soon as possible. I know from years of experience that the proper care will dictate whether the person heals completely or suffers needlessly from symptoms for the rest of their life.

I have trained with the best experts, I have attended comprehensive physical injury seminars, and have helped thousands over the last 20 years to obtain a quality of life that others, who did not get the proper care after their auto accident, will never know. The others suffer from chronic joint pain, headaches, lack of motion, restricted from playing sports, suffer from anxiety and insomnia simply because their spinal injuries were never treated properly. 

I have met those who had not received proper spinal care from their auto accidents and years later have come in as patients.  It never fails to read their health history in which they were involved in an auto accident years before. They suffered from chronic joint pain, headaches, lack of motion, restricted from playing sports, suffered from anxiety and insomnia simply because their spinal injuries were never treated properly. All of these people could have avoided these problems, but they did not know what to do at the time. Well,Good For You!!  Now that you have read this you know what the wise decision is after being involved in an auto accident.

You’ve heard — The Key to Health is PREVENTION.  Make sure you prevent health problems, spinal arthritis and decay, by getting an Auto Accident Evaluation today!  If you would like to discuss your case or would like further assistance, give us a call at (909) 760-8823. 

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