What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic?

The benefits from care, at our office, are mainly the remission of pain episodes and a healing of tissues in disease processes. Patients benefit in many ways– from more peaceful sleep to improving their efficiency at work. Their immune systems become strong again and life becomes enjoyable. The benefits come from a 2 Step Approach:

 Step 1:

Clear All Pressures Disrupting Brain-Body Communications

 Step 2:

Specifically Support All Healing Tissue With Nutrition

The Chiropractic style that Dr. Burnham developed from merging multiple techniques is very effective at diagnosing and treating health problems without the use of drugs, physical therapy, or surgery. After determining the appropriate methods to use for each particular patient, the body’s innate ability to heal itself is stimulated and elevated from each treatment. The purpose of spinal reconstruction and alignment is to remove all brain stem pressures. In part, all symptoms of ill-health are brought about by poorly aligned vertebrae, often referred to as a Subluxation Complex. It is the subluxation complex in the neck region that causes a multitude of health problems from severe sciatica and back pain to organ weakness. This is because nerve transmission occurs from top to bottom, from head to toe. A simple example of this is brain stem injuries in the neck can paralyze a person entirely (quadriplegia), but a lumbar (low back) injury to the spine will never paralyze the arms since nerve flow occurs from above downwards. Based on this principle, many individuals have avoided back surgery, lumbar injections, and other destructive procedures by receiving unique corrective techniques by Dr. Paul Burnham.

As Chiropractic and other balancing techniques are applied, normal spinal alignment and joint mobility is re-established. The pressure on the sensitive neurological tissue is reduced or eliminated, and thus the procedures alleviate the symptoms and improve the health of the individual.

 Chiropractor Benefits

These days, chiropractic is already well-received by people and is regarded as an alternative to treating acute and chronic disease as well as muscle and joint pain. The benefits of not risking your life and health with prescription drug side effects appeals to free-thinking individuals who do not wish to follow the crowd. It is a much safer option and provides long term relief as compared to conventional medicine. It is also non-invasive and drug free. Improvements in energy levels, range of motion of joints, and elimination of muscular spasms are also examples of a fraction of chiropractic benefits.

 Sports Chiropractic

Many of those in the field of sports look to chiropractic doctors as essential members of the medical team. Sports chiropractic helps treat athletes who want to prevent injuries and who also want to recover quickly from sustained injuries. As they have taught athletes on how to keep sports-related injuries at bay and what to do when they experience one, their popularity has grown. Dr. Paul Burnham has overseen the rehabilitation of players who are sidelined by more serious neuromusculoskeletal injuries. Many athletes have avoided surgery thanks to the special techniques provided by him.

Chiropractic is an art, science, and philosophy. It has been in existence under different names and descriptions since the Egyptian Pharaohs ruled the land. Since the late 1800’s, Chiropractic doctors have developed hundreds of different techniques. Unfortunately not all Chiropractic doctors share the same philosophies and techniques. So, since not all Chiropractors are the same, it is best not to assume that since it did not work for Nancy or Bob, ir doesn’t mean it will not work for you. What kind of Chiropractic doctor did Nancy or Bob go to???

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